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Was your experience with me as fulfilling as you hoped, or was it even better than you expected? Your opinion matters to me, as it helps me to improve my services. I really hope that your date with me was an affair to remember.


MAY, 2022

My booking with Hwang Hwang was just shy of 4hours and boy oh boy did I have a good time. She fulfilled my fantasy of being a guest at a hotel and her being the naughty, yet obedient maid wonderfully. I just couldn't get enough. She left leaving me satisfied and exhausted. Would highly recommend.

 ~ Christopher ~

May, 2022

I booked you for a dinner date, as I wanted some company to check out the new restaurant in my area. As requested Hwang Hwang came smart, yet casual and we had a very good time. During our private time you went above and beyond to pleasure me in all sorts of ways. What a nice evening...

~ Viraj ~


April, 2022

The best jet-lag cure. I had a stop-over at Heathrow and made a booking with your assistant. You arrived about an hour later and gave me one of the nicest massages I had in a while, after that, well,  I had a few turn of ecstatic pleasure moments. I slept so well after that, I was so refreshed for my flight the next day. 

~ frequent flyer ~

March, 2022

Well, it was my birthday, and I thought I spoil myself, making a booking with you, and one of your lovely friends. Your place was very comfortable and the time we had together was much enhanced by all the great outfits both you and your friend wore for me, as for the play between the three of us, I very much enjoyed it over and over again, and again. 

~ Birthday Dan ~

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